Hot air heaters Tutco SureHeat operating principle

Operating of the Tutco SureHeat Hot Air Heater

The basic principle is to blow air from a fan or compressor air trough a tubular stainless steel equipped with an inside heating element made up with FeCrAl wire.
It is rolled up in a specific pins coil and place on threaded ceramic support. The whole is installed in a ceramic or quartz insulated tube.

This system allow to obtain a maximum heat exchange and calories transfer in a minimum space

From this combination we have a compact air heater with a very low thermal inertia and a quick response.

The construction is such that electric power leads at the inlet of the heater are always cold.
The hot air at the exit of the tube could be very high in temperature, for some application with 2 heaters installed in series
we can reach an exit air temperature of 950°C for 100 lpm to 1300 lpm air flow. This is used for small power.

Precise control, quick response, high temperature

Using this advance technology the yield of your process will be improved due to:

• Heater power will be concentrated to the exit outlet
• Possibility to adapt specific nozzles and flares without to much heat losses
• Low thermal inertia
• Great versatility to be installed
• Small sizes of heater compared with other heating systems
• Output temperature until 900°C

Both  low thermal inertia and low thermal loss help to save energy