About us

Fremap : more than 35 years of expérience in the field of electroheat technology

  • The Fremap company was established in 1989 by Jacques Fiévet, who gained his broad experience after starting his career with the Sandvik group from 1968 to 1974, where he got acquainted with stainless steels and alloys with high nickel content.
  • From 1974 to 1978 he worked for GTE Sylvania in the “Precision Materials” Division,  responsible for the sales of tungsten, molybdenum and
    alloys with high nickel content  for France, Spain and the Benelux.
  • In 1978 he joined Kanthal, the world leader for electrical resistance alloys where he “worked” the Belgian and French market until end of 1988.


Our electric air heaters are your best sources for air heating !

They warm up air and inert gas without discharge of vapors and particles.



They offer technical solution with flexible and quick response and at high temperature

The use of this technology will improve your application yield thanks to :

• Concentration of hot air at the exit
• Possibility to develop specific nozzles to heat the product
   without energy lost
• Low thermic inertia
• Wide possibility of adaptation frame
• Compact heater compared with other air heating systems.
• Output temperature until 900° C.