Serpentine heater II, VI

Serpentine Hot Air Tools


Compact and efficient process air/inert gas heater, capable of producing exit temperatures up to 1400°F (760°C) with standard elements, and up to 1500°F with the “Two-Stage” elements. The heater unit consists of two parts – a replaceable serpentine-coil electric heater element, which fits into a stainless steel “triple-pass” exchanger housing. This special housing uses the incoming air to cool the outer shell prior to passing through the heater element. This not only minimizes radiant heat losses but provides a cool outer shell, to minimize burn injury for operators who accidentally contact the heater. Two heater sizes are available; the Serpentine II (wattages from 2000 to 3600W) and the Serpentine VI (wattages from 5000 to 8000W). If operated correctly, element life will be greater than 5000 hours.



  • Air temperatures controllable to 815˚C (1500˚F)
  • Serpentine heater II to 3.6kW
  • Serpentine heater VI to 8.0kW
  • Triple Pass Heat Exchanger uses incoming air to cool outer shell
  • Maximum air pressure 1.7 bar (25 PSI)
  • Assemblies with exchangeable elements

CE compliant