Test bench

Test Bench 900°C 8kW

We have the capability to check the performances of hot air up to 900°C with an air heater of 8 kW for the a flow of abou 350 Lpm. For higher flow of about 1500 Lpm we have the sureHeatMax HT of 30 kW. These test benches are available in Belgium at EREM .

Test bench 900°C 30kW

Goal : to heat a volume of 80m³ /h at 900°C. We use a specific control cabinet with temperature control Eurotherm 3216 and 2 temperature control 3216i for the safety. The air heater Sureheat Max HT #077084 with 3 thermocouples type K :

  • one at the inlet for the safety in case of a no flow situation
  • the other at exit inside for max temperature
  • The dual probe for process and max temperature